winter - inner stillness and reflection. what moves me?

winter is a time of tranquillity and introspection. not much seems to be moving. and yet this is also a time for clarification and cleansing. this workshop invites you to sense into your body and feelings. where do i stand? what do i want to complete and what wants to emerge? which insights are growing in me? the workshop is aimed at participants who want to use the cold season to clarify which aspects of life are changing, and which impulses are in the process of ripening. what still needs to be completed and/or released to embrace greater quality in your life?

2015: 6th-8th february 2015 (in german language)
fee: €225,- (excl. catering and accommodation)
place: abtei frauenwörth, fraueninsel, chiemsee, germany
applications: by the 6th of january 2015 to

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