coaching, spiraldances- and organisation development-workshops can be developed in line with the requirements of individuals, organisations and companies.

individual coaching

in my coaching sessions we will apply what works best for you. body-wisdom coaching is orientated along hypno-systemic concepts and body work. often, we have easier access to our inner themes and wishes through our body, and can make decisions more easily. you can engage with inner ambivalences in an appreciative manner, and use this safe space to define your life-goals and decide on the necessary steps to take.

spiraldances workshops

if you are part of a group, organisation or company that could benefit from my spiraldances work being adapted to your context, please feel free to contact me. since i am also an organisational development practitioner, i can enrich my spiraldances work with my consulting abilities and develop processes according to your needs and available time frames. these processes can focus on my spiraldances work or also contain organisational development and training elements (see below). spiraldance processes with groups, companies and organisations can for example have the following structures:

  • workshops over several days for the personal development/coaching of participants
  • short workshops over 3-4 h to reflect on a question/theme, which can stand alone or be embedded in other organisational processes.
  • several spiraldances elements spread over time (e.g. at the beginning and end of a day during a strategy workshop).

  • the objectives of these processes could include the following:

  • clarification of themes or questions
  • developing a deeper connection to oneself and others
  • personal development for enhanced leadership
  • re-establishing the connection betwen body, emotions and mind

  • these spiraldance elements can be applied within change processes or training programmes with organisations or groups, which i can co-develop and implement (see below). contact me if you would like to talk about your ideas.

    systemic organisational consultations

    i work with organisations – mainly from civil society – and accompany learning and change processes. this can include the following elements of organisation:

    presencing / theory U

    i further facilitate change processes within networks and multi-stakeholder groups (i.e. actors from different sectors such as civil society, state and market and their sub-groupings). in such complex processes i work with otto scharmer's presencing approach (theory U) and would usually collaborate with other colleagues. my spiraldance work can be woven into such processes.

    in my work i generally offer workshops, seminars, training as well as individual consultations/ coaching. i facilitate with a focus on reflection and learning, as decision-making and the responsibility for the implementation rests within the people and organisations concerned. approaches i use are described in my doctoral thesis and book publication:

    schirin yachkaschi 2009. between goethe and complexity. towards an organisational development approach for community-based organisations. case studies from south africa. saarbrücken: vdm