rise above time and space
pass by the world, and be to yourself
your own world
sa’d al-din mahmud shabistari (c 1250-1320)
the secret rose garden

dance & stillness as a pathway

dance is a pathway of expressing your aliveness. through dancing you can ground yourself in the here and now and feel your body more intensely – and with that yourself.

stillness seems an opposite to dance and movement. and yet it can also enable you to pause the multitude of your daily encounters and responsibilities and look inside.

to clarify a life question, make a good decision or explore new pathways, it is vital to get in contact with yourself. the answers to your life questions and wishes cannot be found in the outside, but only in your inner worlds. to access them you need to be able to hear and trust your inner voice.

spiraldances is a form of coaching through body awareness. it is a pathway
…into feeling more alive & present,
…to connect with your body-wisdom,
…and to engage with and move your life situations and questions. you can then take home the answers that arise from within.

this includes embracing and accepting everything that lives within you and wants to be expressed. it opens up a path of integrating the various aspects of yourself and understanding them as part of you. it also supports your becoming whole and your courage to live your inner truth and happiness. you can more firmly stand by yourself and your decisions.

… realised through group processes & individual coaching

this path is enabled through workshops & coaching, applying mindful conversation, improvisational dance, body work and meditation. the offerings are aimed at adults of all ages. no prior experiences are required. each participant moves within his/her own abilities and follows the inner impulses.
for more information about the workshops see workshops & dates. for personal coaching see services on request